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TWBCG Helped Financial Services ING, Pharma Companies El Lilly Indiana. IT sponsors are continually challenged to make better, more-informed decisions when allocating program budgets. twbcgs Proof-of-Concept (PoC) Factory enables organizations to effectively evaluate the merits of multiple information-based products, services and solutions in parallel. Our PoC approach enables us to adopt a concept, clarify requirements, rapidly develop and deploy working prototypes for customer feedback within 90-days cycle, while reusing the common functionality. Our PoC strategy has enables to control clients R&D budgets, facilitate multiple applications to be tested prior to investment, and increase revenues by enhancing overall user experience. Other benefits include a fuller, defined scope and reduced change requests, by:

  • Enabling business sponsors to use fully-functional prototypes to evaluate merits of new products, services or solutions
  • Iteratively validate requirements and produce a working prototype within a short period
  • Leveraging offshore development teams to accelerate prototype creation, significantly reducing production cost
twbcg's Proof-of-Concept (PoC) Approach

twbcgs Proof-of-Concept (PoC) Approach

twbcgs Accelerated Solution Design (ASD) service provides research-driven, moderated workshops to refine business requirements and derive outcomes that can be used as input to a proof of concept or to improve business processes. A typical session is organized over three days and engages stakeholders from business and technology. twbcgs Accelerated Solution Design services offers more control over R&D budgets by helping organizations to rapidly prototype multiple IT proposals in parallel, prior to making the investment decision. These approaches lower development costs by validating requirements using functional prototypes, accelerate time-to-market by using time-boxed approach to delivery and provide the resulting prototype, that enables to strengthen the business case for IT investment.

Through IT strategy and roadmap services, we help our clients to align the IT roadmap to their business priorities. It facilitates identification of current strengths and improvement areas in various disciplines such as strategic alignment, governance, and IT maturity. The gap identification with respect to the targeted maturity level based on this assessment leads to IT strategy definition and roadmap recommendations. This approach helps develop a structured and well defined action plan. The end deliverables are a clear assessment report and a well defined and actionable set of recommendations.

twbcg's Strategic Enterprise IT Roadmap (STEIR)

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twbcg specializes in the software lifecycle and offers a unique perspective to IT architecture and software platforms. We quickly understand our clients as-is state, envision their to-be state, and envisage an optimal roadmap to get there. We embody our unique service in our proven Strategic Enterprise IT Roadmap (STEIR) methodology.

STEIR is a structured service offering for assessing existing systems and IT assets, understanding how business imperatives translate into IT requirements, and recommending the right IT platform, solution architecture, transition strategy and approach to meet them (the to-be state). The outcome is an enterprise IT roadmap that takes todays collection of disparate systems, updates them for todays technology, and streamlines them into a clear software platform that anticipates evolving business needs at accelerating pace.

Our IT strategy and roadmap services are designed to: create a roadmap to improve infrastructure, provide an overview of your current IT system, identify weaknesses and opportunities, align IT systems with business goals, define an implementation approach, create efficiencies and improve bottom lines.

To ensure increased accountability, better agility and improved business results, twbcgs IT architecture governance services, gained from our engagements with global market leaders, leverages deep domain and business expertise. Depending on our customer organization's current state of IT governance, we recommend and deliver the most appropriate Governance frameworks that will facilitate IT alignment, meet business objectives, maximize benefits, while making organizations successful, compliant and secure.

Our IT governance approach is an iterative approach to plan, design, implement, deploy, control, and enhance operational processes of business operations that rely on information technology. Our IT governance approach offers optimal value to the enterprise on a continued basis and provides a comprehensive, repeatable, and predictable business process for the development, adoption, and continual improvement that delivers real value to our clients. Our IT governance model helps businesses to adopt effective IT governance strategies that will help them control, comply and align IT with business priorities by providing right set of processes, concepts, activities, artifacts, roles, and robust business process.

We offer a full spectrum of IT governance services that accelerate project, program, and portfolio management transformations. Our IT governance services include:

  • Assessment services - Evaluating current IT Governance framework, maturity assessment and transformational roadmap creation
  • Framework definition - Defining IT governance framework and processes, in line with client requirements and industry frameworks
  • Implementation services - Implementing IT Governance processes
  • Program Management Office (PMO) - Planning, governance, set-up and process design
  • Program governance services
  • Change management services

twbcgs certified architects and consultants work directly with clients to deploy, configure, integrate and optimize an effective architecture Governance solution that manages their portfolios, projects, resources, finances and risks.

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